Professional Art Installation

At Norwood Frame Center we provide professional art installation for those pieces that require special handling or placement in an unconventional space, such as 15 ft above the fireplace. We can design a picture frame for that unconventional location, or install existing framed artwork. Consider calling us for art installation in your home or office, as well as hotel and office lobbies, showrooms and so on. This is particularly important for larger pieces of art. We have the knowledge and experience as well as the equipment necessary to install your framed picture safely and securely in almost every location.

We work with interior designers and architects where appropriate too. Are you considering a remodeling project, but you’re worried about where your artwork will go? Or need a focal point for a new room? Call us for a consultation and we can help.

Our art installation services are for large pieces of art, or art that needs to go onto an unconventional location, such as 10, 15, 20 ft above the floor, or on a stone or brick surface.

Call or contact us today for your professional art installation consultation.