Custom Picture Frames

At Frame Center in Norwood, we can frame anything. With a very wide range of available styles and materials we are confident that we can create custom picture frames in any size you want. We will find you the right product and materials and most likely we have it available at the store.

We can frame all kinds of paintings including oil, acrylic and watercolors as well as all other kinds of artwork. We specialize in conservation framing including specifying UV protective glass to preserve both original art and prints.

Newly completed artwork also needs special care. If you’ve recently acquired valuable art, even if it’s already in a frame, please bring it in. We’ll advise you on how best to display and preserve it.

Our custom picture frames includes:


All of our custom picture frames are made on site, using state of the art saws and joining equipment, operated by craftsmen with years of experience. We also manufacture and stock a large selection of pre-made frames in standard sizes from the same high quality materials we use for our custom frame orders.


Our mats are cut with computer controlled precision. From matting numerous items in one frame, to creating layered matting, to cutting intricate shapes or decorative flourishes, no project is too complex. Come in and talk to us about your ideas and we’ll see what can be done.


We carry lines of moldings from Larson – Juhl, Roma, Decor, and many other companies. Check out the manufacturers’ websites for a preview of what you’ll find in our store.


Choosing the right type of glass is important to properly display and protect your framed items. We offer a wide range of glass and acrylic products with UV filtering and/or non-reflective properties.

If you have anything that you would like professionally framed then look no further. We can frame a mirror or even your flat screen TV! Come to our store talk to our experts and craftsmen. We are confident you will leave loving the design that we — together — design. Then you will love it even more when you pick it up a few days later!