Conservation Framing

We specialize in conservation framing including specifying UV protective glass to preserve both original art and prints. Conservation framing is important for all types of artwork including modern art, antique paintings and photographs. We have frames and matting material designed specifically to conserve the artwork, and use specific techniques to seal the back of the framed picture to preserve it from ingress of dust, insects and mold. These frames come in all styles to suit different paintings and photographs. We have some antique style frames we can custom fit that will really enhance an older picture.

Do you have a picture that doesn’t look as good as it used to? Bring it in, we’ll take a look and advise you what’s happening. We also can help you to restore it if possible and certainly help to prevent it from deteriorating further.

Art Conservation is a highly skilled process and cleaning a painting, especially an old one requires special skills and materials. Depending on its history, value and the general condition, we may recommend a number of different options including professional cleaning. In the right circumstances, older paintings can become dramatically better looking after some careful restoration. If its not something we can tackle, we can refer to specialists. Bring your painting in, and we will advise you.

Newly completed artwork also needs special care. If you’ve recently acquired valuable art, even if it’s already in a frame, please bring it in. We’ll advise you on how best to display and preserve it.

How about old photographs? Have you something of special value that might look nice in a frame, but its fading? Again, let us take a look and we can see what we can do. Sometimes the right mat and frame combined with lighting can make an older photograph look much better.