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Family owned for over 30 years, serving Norwood, Hanover, and the Cape. We provide custom hand crafted framing for home and office.

If you have a prized piece of art or sports memorabilia that you want to stand out then come and have a free matting and frames consultation with one of our very talented designers and craftsman. We will give you options that will make it pop on your wall and accentuate the item or art work.


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Professional Art Installation

Do you have a home with cathedral ceilings and want to hang a prized work of art 10, 12, 15 feet up? Want to hang that painting or photographic or poster above the fireplace and the TV that is above that fireplace.

Does your commercial building or lobby need professionally hung art to make that certain statement your company is wanting to achieve? Do you own an auto dealership and want artwork or sports memorabilia hung throughout the showroom?

Frame Center of Norwood is at your service. Our professional art installers will be glad to do the work for you and take the liability away from your company. Contact us today to get a free consultation and quote.

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Sports Memorabilia Framing

Have a special signed jersey that you would like frame and displayed prominently in your man cave? Have a baseball or football or a tennis racket you would like framed in encapsulated? Then come visit us in Norwood MA. We will make your treasured sports memorabilia absolutely shine.

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Conservation Materials

For pieces needing that extra layer of protection from the suns harmful rays. Ask about our UV glass that is sure to keep your valuable looking new enough to become a family heirloom.

Picture frames play a vital role in the preservation of your artwork. The Frame Center offers a complete assortment of museum quality framing components. From UV filtering glass to acid free materials, we can help encase your items in a way that will preserve them for generations.


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Custom Poster Frame

Do you have a concert or event collectible that holds fond memories? Maybe even signed? What to make it look its best and give it the prominence you feel it deserves?

Then our highly talented and skilled craftsman can make it happen. Grab your poster and bring it to the Frame Center of Norwood. We will gladly show you matting and frames options  that will give your poster the pizzazz that it deserves.

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Custom Picture Frames

Do you have a breathtaking photograph that you want framed? Do you want to make that photo stand out in all it’s beauty and glory?

Then come talk with our matting and frames designers and craftsmen. We will gladly sit down with you and design the perfect matting and frame combination that makes your prized picture shine! We also can do this for a painting, poster, print, etc.

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